Within our industrial division we have developed advanced solutions for laser material processing applications. Our global network includes companies in China and Brazil.


El.En. is the heart and soul of the Group, where all the laser sources are developed for the applicative systems produced by the various companies forming part of the Group. It is within the parent company El.En. that the research projects are implemented in collaboration with Italian and European research institutes.

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Ot-Las is specialized in the design and production of industrial laser marking systems for all production needs, from cutting and piercing to engraving and decorating.
Ot-las laser systems offer concrete solutions to specific needs in all industrial and artistic areas while being highly optimized for specific applications.
Ot-Las lasers are used for the decoration of leather, ceramic, textiles, wallpaper and many other materials.

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Penta Chutian

Penta-Chutian Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of El.En Group; and it is devoted in designing and manufacturing high power laser cutting systems. Penta-Chutian has core technologies in both manufacturing advanced high power laser source and CNC machinery integration with high compatibility. All design, development, production and quality control strictly follow European standards, such as final integration is done in China under the quality testing by Italian engineers.

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Cutlite Penta

Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures and markets the most advanced laser cutting systems and, although existing only since 1992, it is now the largest Italian company in the field of CO2 laser cutting machines. Cutlite Penta also combines the experience and technology of El En. and Valfivre increasing its background technology in a rarely seen way.

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Lasit was founded in 1990. In the very beginning it was focused on the development and production of sub-assemblies to be used in laser industry, such as CO2 and Nd-Yag scanning units with dynamic focusing.

In 1992 Lasit entered the laser market with the development of its own proprietary laser sources, electronics and software. Since that time Lasit has grown to become a global supplier of laser marking and engraving systems offering both standard equipment and customized solutions with a broad range of equipment and automation.

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Cutlite do Brasil

A pioneer in laser technology Cutlite do Brazil is conquering the international market through its technological innovations, serving many different markets. Cutting machines, laser engraving and drilling tools are of utmost importance in industrial production. The ability to perform the work with innovative designs and shapes in various materials with speed and final quality, demonstrates how the laser machines Cutlite do Brazil are indispensable in many sectors of the market.

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