El.En. Group is one of the most important global players in the LASER world providing industrial, medical and conservation laser solutions. Driven by constant research and development, El.En. group is committed to producing advanced laser devices, excellent in terms of performance, value for money, reliability, respect for the environment and post-sale service.



  • to develop products and services that generate real added value by providing technologically advanced solutions in various fields of application, always taking care of the environment
  • to provide our customers with a highly professional after-sales service
  • to improve the quality of the work of our staff
  • to consolidate every day our position on the international market by facing the challenges against highly competitive companies
  • to support our customers success making sure that our systems stand out on the market in terms of high productivity and excellent value for money
  • to provide technology improving the human condition with a deep respect for the ecosystem sustainability
Organization chart
El. En. Worldwide


Our company, El.En. S.p.a., was founded in 1981 in Florence thanks to the initiative of a University professor of electronic engineering, Prof. Leonardo Masotti and one of his students., eng. Gabriele Clementi. Today El.En. is the leader of a group of companies dedicated to the development and manufacturing of laser systems for medicine, industry and preservation of the cultural heritage.

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