A laser in thoracic surgery for Gemelli hospital

A thulium laser was donated by the subsidiary Quanta System S.p.A. to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. This innovative instrument made it possible for the doctors working in this Roman hospital to apply advanced techniques in pulmonary resection, for which they have performed about 30 operations. For this type of operation, i.e. the preferred option in the therapy of lung cancer or the treatment of pulmonary metastasis (even multiple), the surgeon has the possibility of choosing among various types of operations on the basis of the clinical condition of the patient. In order to perform this type of procedure it is therefore necessary to have expert surgeons who are equipped with the latest technological innovations like lasers. The patients receive enormous benefits from the use of this assisted laser technique because the lesion is eliminated while the surrounding tissue is left infact and in many cases there is an improvement in the post-operative recovery.