A laser to treat acne

The remedy for the control of acne is called ACCURE, (a combination of the two English words, acne and cure). It is a highly engineered laser system that is able to emit a precise and selective wave length which can explode and destroy the sebaceous glands that are the cause of acne without causing any skin damage. It is a highly technological laser device which was designed and developed by the subsidiary Quanta System, on the basis of the intuitions of the inventor of photo-medicine, Dr. Richard Rox Anderson (Professor at Harvard and Director of the Laboratory for Photo-medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston). His project, which began over twenty years ago became a reality thanks to the work of a team of engineers and technicians from Quanta System and El.En., who dedicated years of research to the transformation of an experimental model into a high-performance laser. Acne is an inflammation process of the hair follicle and the sebaceous glands connected to the follicle which forms on the face, shoulders, back and chest; it is particularly common in teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 and every year affects millions of adolescents all over the world. However, the most serious psychological effects of acne are not related to the clinical gravity of the condition but to the fact that it affects the moods of adolescents and causes sadness, anger, anxiety and difficulties in relating to the other sex and even social self-marginalization. Acne could be one of the main causes for depression in adolescents on the basis of a study conducted by the University of Calgary (Canada), according to which, a year after the medical diagnosis of acne, the risk of depression increased by 63% with respect to the control group (people with no acne). About 20% of the individuals with acne manifested changes in mood and, in general, the researchers found that in the five years subsequent to the appearance of chronic pimples, the risk of depression tended to increase significantly. We are glad that we were able to release on to the market a solution that can improve the welfare of people and the quality of life of the patients and reduce not only the clinical issues but also the psychological ones that are related to them.