A new operating system for Quanta System S.p.A

The subsidiary Quanta System also began a procedure of inter-connection and digitization of the company on the basis of Industria 4.0 by identifying a more efficient method of reaching their objectives in the new ERP System called SAP S4Hana. This process, which was begun in 2019 and continued for all of 2020, was concluded with the go-live in January of 2021. SAP S4Hana is a management software which is divided into modules or macro-areas which refer to the company departments (Finance, Procurement, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, etc...). They are modules which are completely separate from each other but at the same time have their own characteristics and functions which are integrated with each other thanks to specific systems of interaction and automation, which permit the modification in real-time of important data and improve communication between the various departments. In particular, as far as the Supply Chain is concerned, through the integration of a EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) module a more advanced and robust functionality is guaranteed for the management of the activities related to the warehouse and to the handling of goods: the control of the material and the movement of the goods become much faster and simpler and there is a dynamic distribution of the material to their locations which optimizes the available space. The new operating system reduces the risk of error to a minimum, guarantees a high level of satisfaction from the employees and assures the maximum productivity. The integrated system also promotes the possibility of smart working by meeting all the requirements dictated by the pandemic emergency but could also be the basis for a revolution in the business world that is already upon us.