ASA laser - Energy for health and the value of sharing

The evolution of the bio-medical technologies of the subsidiary ASA goes through a process of continual experimentation. This is an activity which is free, open, ethical and which aims at developing and sharing knowledge, combining the rigor of science with the requirements of production by constantly improving the products and the therapeutic results. Energy for Health is a magazine edited by ASAcampus (a joint laboratory shared by the Research Division of ASA and the Department of Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences of the University of Florence), and represents a direct demonstration of their commitment to the sharing of scientific information and the cultural promotion of laser therapy and magneto-therapy. The magazine presents the results of basic research and clinical studies conducted in Italy and abroad. Internationally famous researchers, doctors and specialists contribute to the magazine and in Energy for Health they have found, for over ten years, an open space for discussion and a natural meeting place for exchanging experiences and knowledge. The magazine is distributed all over the world and is given free of cost to the participants in the training courses and symposiums conducted by ASA and to all those who request a copy on-line. On the internet site of the company there is also a section called “Asa Research Library” where numerous scientific projects are published. The papers can be searched for by year of publication, by author, by therapy or by keyword and they are all projects that have been conducted using equipment made by ASA which highlights the direct evidence of the therapeutic effectiveness.