ASA new building

The subsidiary ASA S.r.l. inaugurated their new company headquarters at the end of 2019. Technology and sustainability were the recurrent themes in the construction of the new building which was created with the precise intent of focusing on the well-being and health of their people. In the spirit of well-being and belonging, the new structure which contains production and office areas, was planned applying new solutions in the arrangement of the spaces and the choice of furnishings. The building which is already set up for a future enlargement, was born from the necessity of adapting the company to its new needs and includes spaces specifically designed for the training of clients and sales personnel as well as the technical staff and the intelligent redistribution of functional areas in order to improve the quality of work and the use of open space working areas which, thanks to the specific design of the furnishings and the installation of sound-proof panels, guarantee both the privacy and acoustics which promote teamwork. The shared area is also outfitted with several meeting rooms, a job island, a snack bar, and a coffee break island with distributors of micro-filtered water in order to reduce the use of plastic. Moreover, the entire building is climatized summer/winter by a high Energy efficient heat pump with a distribution system with micro-perforated conduits which make it possible to distribute the air and the temperature without using ventilation. The structure was designed to facilitate the entire production line; the flow is planned so as to optimize the management of the operations developed according to the standards of “lean manufacturing” which, when correctly integrated into the layout, offer benefits in terms of organization, crossing time, movement of merchandise and safety in the workplace. Moreover, during the selection of the building site for the construction of the new factory we also took into consideration the fact that we had found a construction site that was right next to the preceding one and this fact would avoid creating inconvenient for the staff by not interrupting their routine or creating difficulty in coming to and from work.. Maintaining the well-being of the personnel was the top priority of the management and from the earliest phases of this project they took into consideration the needs of the staff. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new ASA factory, the parent company, El.En. donated a DAE semi-automatic external defibrillator (there are already two of them in the factory at Calenzano), thus making the company cardio-protected and ready for the use of this valuable instrument which is of vital importance for the health of those who suddenly are facing critical situations.