Big Academy

Big Academy is an advanced training program created for managers in the sectors of energy, mechanics, optics, electronics and computers, operating in small and medium sized manufacturing companies of the supply chain as well in the great industry complexes. The objective of this program is to teach managers and directors of companies to read and interpret the global economic context in continual change. The training plan is the result of the collaboration between university professors in the area of social sciences, economics, and management engineering and the professionals operating in great industries; the lessons are held in the presence of the university professors and top managers so as to alternate the more theoretical and scientific parts with actual experiences and acquire a clear picture of how to operate in great international companies. El.En. S.p.A. was one of five companies that participated, together with the University of Florence, in setting up and elaborating this training program. This partnership which unites the companies, the University and the public administration is the distinctive characteristic of the initiative and represents its unique, innovative character directed to the territory but with an International breadth and with a significant outlook for growth over time and is a further demonstration of how our Group has always been committed to sustaining cultural, social and educational initiatives in the territory in which they operate.