DEKA MAB - Create a Medical Advisory Board for women’s health

In 2020 the subsidiary DEKA Mela S.r.l. created its own Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for women’s genital health. The members of the Board are all internationally famous professionals and experts of great clinical and scientific standing who are recognized in their fields of discipline. The Commission will contribute to the definition of a global development plan for new protocols and clinical guidelines, and the improvement of techniques and methods to be applied to women’s genital health. The members of the Board will always maintain their independence in their work and Deka will not interfere in any way with their clinical or academic activities. The creation of the MAB represents an important step for Deka, for the international scientific community and for women who are afflicted with gynecological conditions: we believe that we can supply valuable information on the current requirements for the health and wellbeing of women and in this way increase the already considerable amount of clinical studies and scientific publications conducted on the Monalisa Touch CO2, laser through research which adds to the knowledge of and experiences with this important system.