Laser donation to the Onlus Manzo-Prod-Action.Aid

Quanta System S.p.A., a company of the El.En. Group, recently donated a laser for important surgical, dermatological and physiotherapy applications on children to the Florentine non-profit organization Manzo-Prod-Action-Aid. The equipment will soon be installed in Zimbawe, in the diocese of Chinoyi at the Pediatric Outpatients Clinics in St. Albert’s, Marymount, Rupert’s and Chitsungo Mission Hospitals.

This laser represents the beginning of one of the many projects of Stefano Manzini, president of ManzoProdActionAid, for health and education of children and youth in particularly disadvantaged countries such as Syria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Senegal and even South Italy.

Eng. Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager of El.en. S.p.A. and CEO of Quanta System S.p.A. said: "The laser will be very useful for dental applications, for children’s mouth surgery and to treat diseases that afflict minors due to malnutrition. It is also a valuable tool for dermatological surgery and physiotherapy. We are proud to be able to help children with our technology."

To conclude with the words of Stefano Manzini: "Although they are small drops in an ocean of need, these actions are concrete and made with the heart."