El.En. Group's laser for restoration arouse more and more interest: the story on Forbes

Laser per il restauro El.En. - Forbes luglio 2019

The superlaser that gives Ponte Vecchio a facelift: this is the title of a story that Forbes magazine dedicated to El.En.’s laser for restoration use. The article, which can be found on the July 2019 issue, highlights how El.En. is the only company in the world to have the appropriate technology to intervene on the greatest artistic and architectural masterpieces of humanity and continues by listing a great number of successful projects, without forgetting the donations of laser systems to institutions such as The Vatican and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

The care of the international artistic heritage has always been at the top of our group’s mission, specified the general manager of El.En. Paolo Salvadeo, interviewed by the magazine. A mission, that is in line with the company’s goal: to create a technology at the service of the people.