Laser restoration of a Medieval bell tower in Naples

Restauro campanile medievale Napoli

The bell tower of the Pietrasanta Basilica in Naples has recovered its original appearance thanks to the Neapolitan branch of Angeli del Bello (Angels of Beauty) and the help of El.En.'s Laser Blaster.

The newly formed association of volunteers removed graffitis from the monument’s facade. The marbles used to erect the basilica, some of which dates as far away back as the Roman era, were covered with black spray paint which heavily compromised the appearance of the monument.

The intervention was particularly delicate. The Pietrasanta bell tower, located in the center of Naples, is a UNESCO world heritage site and the oldest bell tower in the city. As demonstrated by previous restoration projects, the solvents used in traditional restoration techniques dissolve paint but also stain the underlying stone.

Thanks to the use of the Laser Blaster, it was possible to selectively remove the layer of dirt without attacking the stone below. In this way, the monument was cleaned almost instantly and painlessly.

It is not the first time that the Angeli del Bello carry out similar interventions. A few months ago, the volunteers used the laser to clean the Ponte Vecchio, one of the most representative monuments in Florence.

El.En is extremely proud to be able to participate to the protection of UNESCO heritage sites explained Paolo Salvadeo, general manager of El.En .: "Naples is but a stop on our journey. Many UNESCO sites have been brought back, albeit partially, to their former glory with El.En. lasers."

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