El.En.'s laser used in remote surgery experiment on 5G network in Italy

A surgeon looking toward a computer screen

For the first time in Italy, a remote surgical operation has been performed with an El.En. laser through the 5G network.

The experiment took place on the stage of the Vodafone Village in Milan where professor Matteo Trimarchi, an otolaryngologist at the IRCCS San Raffaele, performed a surgery on a synthetic larynx located 15 kilometres away in operating room.

The operation was a great success and it represents a real revolution giving the possibility to operate from one continent to another in the future. The surgery took place at the 5G Healthcare - Vodafone Conference & Experience Day, a congress organized by Vodafone to take stock of the current experimentation with 5G.

The event demonstrated the potential of 5G for citizens and highlighted the high precision and reliability of El.En technology.