Laser treatment of pulmonary metastases

A conference on “Treatment of pulmonary metastases - How to integrate surgery with new available treatments” was held on September 20th in the Brasca Hall at the Hospital Policlinico Gemelli in Rome.

The future of oncology medicine is patient centered and represented by a multi-disciplinary and synergistic approach that focuses on the individual patient with a completely personalized treatment proposal.

A significant step forward in lung resection operations has been made thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge laser techniques that reduces the invasiveness of the surgical act.

Despite numerous scientific studies, the diffusion of laser techniques for the treatment of lung tumors is still not a common practice in Italy.

The aim of the conference was to share experiences and opinions on this topic and to consolidate a new standard of laser treatments, possible thanks to the joint work between doctors and engineers of Quanta System which have developed a double wavelength laser system that can offer technical features that are optimally adapted to the needs of the surgeon during the surgery.

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