New laser technology for rehabilitation medicine

Last year our subsidiary Quanta System S.p.A. donated an “Opera EVO” laser to the Valduce hospital; this laser represents a state-of-the-art system with thulium radiation for the treatment of patients with serious disabilities like severe spasticity and deforming contractures of the lower limbs due to cerebral lesions caused by strokes or head injury, traumatic spinal cord injury and other neurodegenerative diseases which can be treated thanks to minimally invasive laser procedures. For the first time in the world it has been possible to intervene with a minimally invasive approach using a local anesthetic and surgical procedures which, in the past required complex open surgical operations with total anesthesia. This new technology contributes to restoring dignity and quality of life to patients with highly debilitating diseases. Filippo Fagnani, Scientific Director of the surgical division of Quanta System stated: "The results obtained are the outcome of the intuitions of the professionals at the Villa Beretta – Valduce Hospital combined with the support that we have had the honor of offering on the technological front. Together, working in complete synergy, we have opened frontiers that previously could not even be imagined and achieved goals which represent new standards at a global level”. "Collaboration with great scientific organizations, research and health institutions is part of our DNA and for us it represents a concrete and daily commitment. We work together with our partners in the medical sector both in Italy and abroad, on research projects in order to bring the hope of a cure and to boost medical progress".