Asclepion GmbH new building

In the second half of past year the German subsidiary Asclepion GmbH inaugurated a new building which had been constructed on a lot which was next to the pre-existing building and connected to it; the new three-story building offers increased space for the offices of over fifty employees, new manufacturing and storage areas as well as a cleanroom, a zone dedicated to technical assistance and a modern center for training clients; the meeting hall can hold about one hundred people or can be divided into three smaller areas. There are also three rooms which can be used for demonstrations of the treatments, each one with its own dressing room.

The expansion project was developed and carried out in order to create a more welcoming work environment for all of the employees including a cafeteria for about one-hundred people, a fitness area with two rooms where four sports training course are offered each week and a panoramic terrace with a garden on the roof.

During the expansion of the company headquarters of Asclepion GmbH they also installed a photovoltaic plant which is estimated to produce 44 kW of power and which is estimated will produce the energy requirements of the company for about a month and a half.