Penta Laser Wenzhou becomes a "Green Factory"

During last year the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China awarded the title of “Green Factory” to the subsidiary Penta Laser Wenzhou. The companies that are awarded this prize are manufacturing companies that are concentrated on the development of sustainable production processes by using harmless raw materials and recycle refuse following a policy of energy efficiency. “Green manufacturing is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization and the only way for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises” stated the director of Penta Laser Wenzhou, who sustained and promoted the development of the concept of Green Manufacturing and implemented a system of environmental education for all of the employees. In order to receive the title of Green Factory it was first necessary to obtain the ISO 50001 certification which is the international standard which guarantees access to an energy that is clean, reliable and sustainable, and proposes the corrective measures necessary to improve energy efficiency. In 2020 the company inaugurated its second factory, also in the city of Wenzhou, over an area of about 38.000 mq containing two production facilities, a building entirely dedicated to Research and Development and an office building (in this same area we are building the third factory and a building for housing the workers which will be completed in 2021). For all of these buildings the company scrupulously followed the "Green Building Evaluation Standards", by installing high energy efficiency electrical systems: the design of the lighting systems was made using highly efficient LED technology, the light bulbs installed make it possible to reduce energy consumption by 25% and increase luminosity by 15%; in some of the rooms we have also installed motion sensors for automatic lighting. The company has implemented a policy of control and management with HVAC systems, in this way also focusing on energy savings for the heating and air conditioning plants. In all of the companies they have installed taps with infrared sensors to regulate the use of water and reduce waste and the ground where the buildings are located has been made completely permeable in order to protect the water system of the soil using an ecological road material which allows the rain water to penetrate rapidly to add to the flow of underground water and mitigate the effects of the heat from the urban island. The irrigation systems of the green areas, moreover, have been regulated in different times depending on the season and drought-resistant plants have been selected to save water.