Pneumonia caused by COVID–19 and MLS®: The important contribution of ASA

Since their founding ASA has considered research both a guide and a beacon since they understood that it was fundamental in order to increase the value of their therapies and we are very proud that one of the main therapeutic solutions is now freely chosen by specialists for specific clinical studies in contexts of great feasibility as in the case of pain management and physical rehabilitation caused by inflammation that is a result of COVID-19 An example of this is the publication in the Journal of Inflammation Research which is titled “Evaluation of Adjunctive Photobiomodulation (PBMT) for COVID-19 Pneumonia via Clinical Status and Pulmonary Severity Indices in a Preliminary Trial” where attention is drawn to the effectiveness of treatment with the Laserterapia MLS® on patients suffering from interstitial pneumonia caused by COVID-19.The results, in fact, have revealed how patients treated with Laserterapia MLS® recovered rapidly, showed an improvement in the pulmonary indices (score: SMART-COP, BCRSS, RALE and CAP), did not need to be hospitalized in intensive care or to be attached to a mechanical ventilator and did not have any posthumous consequences five months after the treatment. The ASA have been the subject of several research projects focused on the elaboration of the functional procedures for the rehabilitation of the patients also in the field of neurology. The Research and Development department continued its projects both in terms of detailed studies and the creation of educational material to be placed at the disposal of the scientific community.