The restoration of the Sagrestia Nuova in San Lorenzo church (Florence) has been completed

The restoration of the Medici tombs in the New Sacristy of San Lorenzo in Florence ended on July the 15th. This intervention cleared Michelangelo's sculptural masterpieces from layer upon layer of dirt accumulated over time. The work took the restoration team over 10 years to be completed.

This project was carried out by restorers Daniela Manna and Marina Vincenti and coordinated by restoration manager Monica Bietti. During the restoration process, different tools and techniques were used which adapted to the particular type of dirt that needed to be removed. One of the tools utilized by the restorers was an El.En. laser, which allowed them to selectively remove wax and oil residues deposited on the sculptures over the centuries.

The hard work and skill of the restorers combined with the use of last generation technologies such as laser, has made it possible to finally admire the Renaissance masterpiece without the patina of time. Once the scaffolding has been removed, visitors will be able to take a journey through time and enjoy the tombs the way they were first revealed by Michelangelo.

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