The new TFL technology laser

Innovation in the medical sector means finding new ways to intervene on human beings in a way that is not invasive and permits an easy and rapid recovery, by investing in new technologies. This is what the El.En. Group does every day to improve the lives of patients by identifying, developing and marketing highly technological lasers which respond to medical needs. When used opportunely, lasers can replace surgical instruments and permit greater selectivity in the treatment of tissues and therefore increase the precision of operations and reduce the consequences of invasive procedures and the recovery time of the patient. During 2020 the subsidiary Quanta System S.p.A. released on the market a new laser technology called TFL (Thulium Fiber Laser), which represents a evolution in the treatment of kidney stones, by making their destruction more precise and less invasive thanks to the Fiber Dust systems, which makes it possible to increase the utilizable power peak with greater efficiency for pulverizing the hard stones. The finer pulverization of the stones, moreover, makes it easier to eliminate the residual fragments. The Fiber Dust technology can be used for the ablation of tumors in the upper excretory vessels and the urinary tract in general. The selective action of the wave length emitted and the precision of the laser make it possible to use this technology also in neurological and rehabilitation surgery.