Results And Goals

Results And Goals

2) Dialogue with the stakeholders

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022
  • Issuing and distribution of a questionnaire related to sustainability topics to all employees;
  • Re-enforcement of dialogue with the stakeholders.
  • We submitted the materiality questionnaire to 320 employees of the subsidiary companies (in the three year period 2018- 2020 the employees of 11 companies of the Group were involved);
  • We submitted the materiality questionnaire to a sample of suppliers of the subsidiary companies both in Italy and abroad (in the three year period 2018-2020 the suppliers of 5 of the companies in the Group were involved);
  • We participated in events promoted by local institutions to discuss the main topics and sustainability initiatives in the territory and meetings with local and national institutions in order to promote sustainability projects;
  • We participated in research and sustainability ratings on behalf of investors.
  • Distribute the sustainability questionnaire to all of the employees of the Group;
  • Extend the questionnaire also including parts to collect opinions, suggestions and assessments;

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  • Carry out new stakeholder engagement and meetings with other stakeholder categories.

3) Promotion of a sustainability culture

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022
  • Conduct training sessions on the objectives contained in the Sustainability Plan and the actions that must be taken in order to reach them;
  • Organize training meetings in class or via web in order to create awareness in the employees on sustainability issues.


  • We conducted promotion campaigns on sustainability issues by giving our employees, suppliers and clients the documents that have been published;
  • We edited a Synthesis of the Sustainability Report to improve the availability of the main issues and we distributed it mainly to employees and clients;
  • We developed a section for sustainability issues on our site www. which will be available starting in May 2021.
  • To conduct training sessions on sustainability sessions on sustainability issues for some categories of employees in all of the companies belonging to the Group;
  • Create work groups dedicated to sustainability issues;
  • We created on-line training concerning social and environmental themes and Company policies;
  • We created a Sustainability Section on our on-line site.

5) Creating sustainable value

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022
  • Conduct the activities of the company so that they create the conditions for a sustainable and economical development.


  • We increased our sustainability reporting through the identification of all of the steps, the persons involved and the necessary documentation in order to write the NFD in conformity with the GRI accounting standards approved by the Committee for Controls and Risks.
  • To guarantee the satisfaction and meet the expectations of all the stakeholders by achieving the objectives outlined in the Sustainability Plan.

6) Promotion of a culture and sustainable procurement practices

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022
  • Definition and promotion of social, environmental and ethical standards amongst our suppliers.
  • We continued spreading the social, ethical and environmental standards for the suppliers of the Parent Company and some of the subsidiary companies by submitting questionnaires and sending them our sustainability documents.


  • To increase awareness and training of our suppliers in relation to ESG issues.