Results And Goals

Results And Goals

1) Implementation of a corporate governance of sustainability

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022


  • Instruct the Executive Administrator in charge of the system of internal controls and risks to define the strategic points of Sustainability, of the Plan and the examination of the Consolidated Non-financial Statement;

  • We entrusted the Commission for Controls and Risks with the examination of the Company policies and objectives related to sustainability issues and the supervision of the Sustainability Plan and integrate the Regulation of the Commission with these functions. The Board of Directors entrusted the Executive Administrator with the amount budgeted.

The Bord of Directors instructed the Executive Administrator as directed.
  • To assure that the company maintains all of the initiatives intended to guarantee the mid- to long-term sustainability of the company activities that are beneficial to the stakeholders in compliance with regulations.

4) Active and passive anti-corruption fight

Actions Results 2020 Objectives 2021 - 2022
  • We worked to Prevent corruption in all spheres of influence;

  • We conducted training on the Ethics Code of the Group.
  • We conducted a specific training course for directors and executives of the subsidiaries of the El.En. Group which was called “Anticorruption, Ethics Code and Human Rights” (177 employees were involved);

  • the Anticorruption Policy approved by El.En has recently been adopted by all of the subsidiary companies and brought to the attention of all of the employees of the Group;

  • We continued with the training courses on Model 231 for the employees of the Italian subsidiaries that adopted it.
  • Creation of specific on-line training for some categories of employees with response and certification that the test has been passed.
  • Continuation of the training sessions based on Model 231 for all of the employees of the Italian subsidiaries that have adopted it;
  • We distributed the Ethics Code and conducted an initial specific training course in all of the subsidiary companies.