Sustainability Governance

El.En. has created a solid model of Corporate Governance which has a central role in the conduction of the activities of the Group, based on a Board of Directors which has the task of strategic directing and supervising and a Board of Auditors which has controlling functions; the system of Corporate Governance that has been chosen is composed of the following figures:

With reference to sustainability issues and to the communication of information of a non-financial nature in compliance with D.Lgs. 254/2016, they attributed to the Committee for Controls and Risks the task of assisting the Board of Directors by informing them in the form of proposals and consulting about the evaluation and decisions related to sustainability issues connected with the activities of the company and its dynamics of interaction with all of the stakeholders, to the social responsibility of the company, to the examination of the possible scenarios for the creation of a strategic plan and the corporate governance of the companies of the Group.

In order to re-enforce the sustainability governance, during the meeting which approved this consolidated non-financial document, the Board of Directors entrusted the Executive Manager of the Internal Controls System with the task of defining the main strategic directions for sustainability, the Sustainability Plan and the examination of the Non-financial Reporting.

As far as the remuneration of the executive administrators El.En. S.p.A. had inserted the objectives connected to the sustainability of the Company among the parameters related to the variable components of the remuneration.

The Parent Company has identified a CSR manager to coordinate all activities to respect the commitments made in the field of Sustainability, to identify areas and improvement projects for the Group as well as to monitor the progress of existing projects. The CSR manager coordinates all activities related to the preparation of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement pursuant to Legislative Decree 254 of 2016 (also known as Sustainability Report) in order to ensure compliance with the deadlines set for publication and in order to identified local focal points in each subsidiary, responsible for the collection data and information for the Sustainability Report.