The values of El.En. Group

The values
of El.En. Group represent our cultural identity and our principles which are adhered to everyday by all the people who work with us; together with our mission they represent our point of reference for our daily activity.


All of the companies which belong to our Group have contributed decisively to increasing our knowledge of laser technology; this background has been made available to the scientific community for the befit of the cultural heritage of humanity.

Research and development

The researchers of the El.En. Group are constantly involved in national and international research projects and collaborate with research centers and university departments.


In its research and development centers the Group works every day to find substantial innovations and to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of those already in existence in order to guarantee a continuous improvement in their performance and contribute to the welfare of the community.


The history of our Group is made up of great women and men who, with their commitment and their ideas, in the medical sector have brought enormous benefits to the quality of life of the patients and the work of the doctors and, in the industrial sector, have contributed to the improvement of the quality and productivity of the work while reducing the environmental impact and the waste of materials.


Our products and our quality control system are certified by the most important institutions at a global level; we receive periodically inspections for the renewal of the certificates that we possess and which are indispensable for exporting our products abroad.


In all of our companies the training of the personnel as well as the training of the doctors and of our business partners is the only tool to increase or disseminate our knowledge and make it available to others.


We are aware of our responsibility towards society and the environment in which we live and for this reason we have adopted an Ethics Code which represents our company culture and is founded on social and ethical responsibility in the management of all of our activities.


We have always been committed to a policy in which our work generates a social impact and benefits the local community, both through the continuous effort dedicated to our work as well as the support of social, cultural and educational initiatives in the areas in which our companies operate.


The continual research aimed at technological improvement, the simplicity of operation and the discovery of new medical applications, the reduction of wastefulness and of environmental impact obtained with industrial systems, the sensitivity directed to the conservation of our artistic heritage combined with the sustainability objectives we have set, direct us towards a future in which we will be committed to generate value to insure a sustainable future for the next generations.


One of the key factors for success is multiculturalism. Our companies are present in eight different countries on three continents and our business partners and our technologies are located all over the world.