Whistleblowing - Reporting violations pursuant to L.D 24/2023

These channels guarantee the effectiveness of the report and respect for the confidentiality of the whistleblower, also in accordance with the provisions of the so-called privacy legislation.

Reports may be made in the manner set out in the attached Whistleblowing Procedure as follows:

-      by e-mail to the address of the SB (Supervisory Body):odv.elen@gmail.com (IT channel)

-      by regular mail to the address of the Chairperson of the SB (found on the company's website)

-      by a telephone call (or similar) by calling one of the numbers indicated as the contact details of the SB (found on the company's website)

-      in person at an in-person meeting by appointment, to be requested from one of the members of the SB, who will fix it within a reasonable time.